Founder and Director of Passionate Minds, Teenah Schneider has worked with children for more than 25 years. She holds a:

*Diploma Community Services (Children’s Services)

*Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood),

*Graduate Diploma of Learning Management (Special Education),

*Master of Learning Management (Special Education)

Currently Studying a Degree in Psychology Teenah is passionate about education and facilitating social success through innovative strategies

Heidi supports Educators, Children and Families in the Family Day Care Setting to facilitate inclusion in the across our service. She has over twenty years’ experience working in the area of Disability, this included working in direct service provision, Coordination, Training and Planning. In recent years Educational Settings. Heidi’s past roles include:- Lifestyle Facilitator, Teacher Aide in both mainstream and Special schools working with children with Autism, Inclusion Facilitator in Early Childcare Settings, Behaviour Support Coordinator, Lifestyle Development Planning Coordinator, Family Day Care Inclusion Manager, Teacher at Tafe QLD.

Linda has worked in child care for over 20 years and have attained an Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Studies) as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood). She has developed a passion for Family Day Care since being appointed a lead coordinator of a service in Brisbane in 2009.She believes that the home environment and one-to-one attention is very beneficial to the development of each child. She also has a great appreciation of the individual input of each Educator and the value of sharing each family’s culture. ‘Joining the team at Passionate Minds has allowed my ideal of assisting to facilitate positive outcomes for all children to be realised, because our philosophy is to nurture and integrate children with additional needs within mainstream FDC programs. My goal is to continue to work together with families and Educators to maintain high quality care and education which meets the needs of children within our community.’

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