Passionate Minds builds an environment which embraces and promotes individual differences; one which appreciates individual capabilitie sand diversities. It respects, regardless of a person’s health, development and social or cultural background. It is a supportive environment that fosters expression, socially, emotionally and physically in positive ways.

When the voice of each child is heard it motivates the spirit, to strengthen the self-esteem and resilience of all children.


Creating safe, secure, supported relationships through holistic family support and collaborative community engagement.

Our Commitment

Passionate Mindsis committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children. We support the rights of all and are committed to providing a safe and supportive service environment.

We believe that all children are capable, confident human beings and when given the strategies and opportunities to shine they contribute positively to our community.

Passionate Minds continues to deliver services for children and families touched by Autism, Education and Family Support and Family Day Care across Queensland.

Our goal is to create awareness and to advocate for early intervention and our sense of belonging which begins in early childhood.  We want to make a difference across a person’s life span.

The founding idea of becoming a Family Day Care Service was that there are many families who are potentially excluded from childcare because they have a child with additional or individual needs. Family Day Care is the perfect environment for all children including those with sensory challenges, trauma and other individual needs.

Passionate Minds has become established as a service who will support families and educators to meet the individual needs of all children. We have a dedicated Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator who works closely with our Educators and Families

We are the only KidsMatter Family Day Care Service. This Government initiative provides a platform for us to deliver services and support Mental Health and Well-being challenges for everyone who uses our service not just the Family Day Care.

In July 2016 we went through the State Government National Assessment and Rating process where we were acknowledged to be Exceeding in Partnerships with families and communities. We feel this reflects the work we have done and continue to do in establishing our commitment to our families and community.

Having expert team members is what really makes Passionate Minds. Our delivery model is very different to other autism and education services. Our Team has the ability to provide unique individualised support for families across the Sunshine Coast. Through our Family Day Care services but also for those who seek support, combined years of experience and divergent out of the box thinking supports families and works toward their goals.

Passionate Minds delivers a range of Education Support service including Tutoring, Individual plans and assessment, along with training for parents and teachers.

We are approved providers for:

Helping Children with Autism/ Better Start funded services – Two early intervention initiatives funded by the Australian Government. The funding supports the delivery of multidisciplinary evidence-based early intervention to facilitate improved cognitive, emotional and social development prior to a child starting school.

Disability Approval – Approved to provide services for children and adults using their Disability Support funding.

NDIS service provider ready.

Passionate Minds Safety Consultancy Services enables businesses to become high performing services through sound safety management systems designed specifically around your business risks. Identifying the key risks to your business and applying effectively managed controls will enable your service to be a high performing organisation.

Passionate Minds Safety and Risk Management Services are available to provide expert advice to organisations including Childcare Services enabling services to offer families a better quality of service, helping families to make informed decisions about the service provision of quality education and care to their child. Passionate Minds utilises expert staff to assist organisations in bringing together the 7 key quality areas under the National Quality Standard (NQS) that are important to outcomes for children and families.

This will enable your service to set a high standard against the national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services.

We can provide expert third party unbiased and objective incident investigations and support services to your organisation. Our consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience required to conduct an independent incident investigation with the development of learning outcomes designed to benefit the child and staff welfare.

Teenah has been working in Education for almost thirty years and have always had a desperate love of learning. She believes we are all learners in our own way with our own interests and own unique style of interacting with the world around us

After many years working in the Early Childhood field she completed

Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood)

Graduate Diploma of Learning Management (Special Education)

Master of Learning Management (Special Education) (Thesis: Thinking about Thinking)

This established Teenah’s attraction to learning about the brain and understanding what is happening in the brain when we learn. How and why we remember information, what affects the way we learn and why there are times that we can’t learn or retain information.

She is currently studying in a Psychological Sciences Degree.

Teenah is passionate about education and facilitating social success through innovative strategies

Craig has more than 20 years of safety leadership and management experience in child care, infrastructure, transport, local government and construction, including electrical and gas transmission and distribution.  In each role, Craig’s understanding and commitment to safety has helped him transform a broad range of safety leadership, risk management, health and safety practices into fit for purpose, competitive business strategies at strategic and operational levels.  This robust leadership has delivered continuity in successful, resilient, safety practices across a number of large organisations. Fundamental to the success of these initiatives is Craig’s ability to engage and influence the workforce and stakeholders across all levels. Craig was recognised for his safety leadership by being accepted as an external member of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) University Health, Safety and Environment Committee in August 2015.

Craig holds a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from QUT, Diploma of Business Management and Certificate IV in Workplace Training.  In addition, Craig has completed ICAM Lead Investigator training. Craig is also a Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor and TapRoot Advanced Team Lead Investigator.

Meet our Team

Heidi supports Educators, Children and Families in the Family Day Care Setting to facilitate inclusion in the across our service. She has over twenty years’ experience working in the area of Disability, this included working in direct service provision, Coordination, Training and Planning. In recent years Educational Settings. Heidi’s past roles include:- Lifestyle Facilitator, Teacher Aide in both mainstream and Special schools working with children with Autism, Inclusion Facilitator in Early Childcare Settings, Behaviour Support Coordinator, Lifestyle Development Planning Coordinator, Family Day Care Inclusion Manager, Teacher at Tafe QLD.

Linda has worked in child care for over 20 years and have attained an Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Studies) as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood). She has developed a passion for Family Day Care since being appointed a lead coordinator of a service in Brisbane in 2009.She believes that the home environment and one-to-one attention is very beneficial to the development of each child. She also has a great appreciation of the individual input of each Educator and the value of sharing each family’s culture. ‘Joining the team at Passionate Minds has allowed my ideal of assisting to facilitate positive outcomes for all children to be realised, because our philosophy is to nurture and integrate children with additional needs within mainstream FDC programs. My goal is to continue to work together with families and Educators to maintain high quality care and education which meets the needs of children within our community.’

Bec has worked in the child care industry for the past 12 years and has enjoyed her roles in both Long Day Care and Family Day Care. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Bec completed her studies while working as an Assistant Director in a Long Day Care Service.  The best part of my job as the Fraser Coast Coordinator is being able to work with our amazing Educators. I enjoy being able to support the great work they do while sharing ideas and practices.  I love that at Passionate Minds acknowledges that every Family Day Care Educator is an individual that does things differently within their routines and programming to meet the needs of the children in their care.

Contact Us

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I’ve got to tell you the boys are enjoying coming to Passionate Minds, that in itself is great. Thanks for all the work your doing. You’re a star K xxx

Kris S. Parent

On many occasions I have just dropped into the Centre for a chat and Teenah has made her available to listen and talk to me about any concerns, I have always left the Centre after talking to Teenah feeling confident and calm. 

Ange C. Parent

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